New Features

The new features and enhancements of GEOTEC Office 12.2 are the result of feedback from users of different Engineering schools over the world for the last years. The major feature in Version 12.2 is the new analysis of axisymmetric structures and tanks, in which axisymmetric structures and tanks can be analyzed with an opening base, slab floor, or raft foundation. The axisymmetric structure or tank with the raft and the subsoil medium is analyzed as one unit taking into account the soil-structure interaction effect.
There are many improvements in defining the finite element mesh using the standard graphic commands including exporting and importing DXF-files into the finite element module.
GEOTEC Office 12 is now compacted into three programs: ELPLABohr, and Quick ELPLAQuick ELPLA has 16 sub-programs that allow users to investigate various problems in Geotechnical Engineering. New books are available to describe the essential equations used in it. Each book includes many illustrated examples with data files.
The most important enhancements are explained in the next paragraphs.

About GEOTEC Software

GEOTEC Software is providing universities and consulting companies with the right tools for the last 25+ years. We also assist our clients in various geostructural projects. From basic to advanced problems, GEOTEC Software can provide you with the right technical assistant.


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