GEOTEC Office 10.1 Release Build:21-Mar-2017

GEOTEC Office 10.1 Release Build:21-Mar-2017 HOT


GEOTEC Office 10.1 is now available with the following enhancements:

1- Weight function for distributing partial loads on the FE-Net is replaced by more accurate one. 

2- Data files for piles can be saved and loaded without missing information when switching between methods.

3- Method 4 for piled raft by DIN 4014 is modified to be more convergence in the solution.

4- Method 7 for piled raft by DIN 4014 is considered.

5 Method 7 for piled raft by hyperbolic function is considered.

6- Full Arabic interfaces.

7- Quick-Graphic and Quick-Diagrams of Quick-ELPLA are enhanced for displaying, printing and sending the graphic. It can be also use Mouse events to display values, legends , titles, ... by clicking on the screen. 


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Version 10.1
Size 183.64 MB
Language Multilanguage
Created 2016-09-25


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