GEOTEC Office Editions
Enterprise Edition (Unlimited licenses)

The Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive edition of GEOTEC Office 13.1, providing professional users with all methods for analysis and design of raft/piled raft, floor slab, a system of rafts, and more. 

The Enterprise Edition of our software is tailored to meet the demands of large organizations and companies. It offers unlimited licenses, allowing multiple users within the organization to utilize the software simultaneously, fostering collaboration and productivity.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited licenses for enterprise use.
  • Simultaneous usage on multiple machines.
  • Scalable for organizations of any size.

About GEOTEC Software

GEOTEC Software is providing universities and consulting companies with the right tools for the last 25+ years. We also assist our clients in various geostructural projects. From basic to advanced problems, GEOTEC Software can provide you with the right technical assistant.


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